We are a women-owned small business, founded by a team known for successfully delivering high-profile biometrics, identity management and analytical solutions for mission clients around the world.


We place your needs above our own.

We act with professionalism.

We tell the truth as we see it.

We focus on the mission.

We respond proactively.

We value your work-life balance.

We treasure innovation. 

We embrace transformation.

We maximize effectiveness.



Gena Alexa
Founder and President

There is an emerging need to provide rising government leaders with innovative services. Rigorous planning, resource placement, organizational cadence, and sound program and risk management capabilities are keys to success. Creating an organizational culture that attracts, engages, and retains top talent is essential.

At Dignari, we care about helping you achieve these goals and we are dedicated to supporting you at every stage in the process.

After more than 15 years designing, building, delivering and leading the implementation of biometrics, identity management and security solutions for clients around the world, Gena Alexa founded Dignari, LLC  in 2013 to provide a refreshing alternative to management consulting — one that empowers clients to achieve results by engaging an experienced team of consultants who are focused and dedicated to transforming government and industry operations so that leaders can focus on what matters most — their mission.

When she isn't pinching herself that she is surrounded by such an amazing team, Gena focuses her time on her first priority - her family and friends. 


Adnan Malik
vice president, corporate strategy

Adnan Malik continuously pursues innovations that help clients improve mission goals. He challenges the status quo and helps clients transform their operations.

As the Vice President of Corporate Strategy, with 20 years of demonstrated experience, Adnan has the vision coupled with focused drive to take on the client's toughest challenges. His leadership style fosters collaboration and passion for the task at hand. He embraces change and identifies opportunities where others falter.

In his downtime, Adnan enjoys spending time leading a local Girl Scout troop and has a passion for the great outdoors. In everything he does, he instills a simple motto - leave the world a better place. 

Between juggling work, spending time with family, race car commuting, and making an amazing peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich, Adnan also enjoys using his hyper-awareness superpower to spot wildlife along the mountaintop on long drives - especially on the way to his in-laws' house. 

kurt zobrist
vice president, finance

Kurt Zobrist despises waste and refuses to believe that budget is a constraint on quality. His extensive mix of finance and program delivery drive him to facilitate innovative client solutions that allow them to achieve what they want without having to spend more than they should.

As the Vice President of Finance (and a taxpayer), Kurt understands the fiscal responsibility of Dignari is essential in offering our clients the best possible service at the best possible price. 

Kurt's business talents and leadership were started as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and fine tuned doing investment banking and corporate finance in the private sector. Searching for the perfect blend of finance and service, he took his talents from Wall Street to Washington, D.C. and has spent the last 15 years navigating a mix of financial and technical projects throughout various government industries. 

When he's not crunching numbers, Kurt can be found nursing the many injuries he receives from believing he can still play recreational sports with the enthusiasm of a teenager. You may also find him playing knee football with his "energetic" son, writing and illustrating stories with his rather "inquisitive" daughter, or seeking serenity with his on-the-go wife. 

jeff Stephens
chief technology officer

Jeff Stephens wants to live in a world where technology isn't a 4-letter word, programming is taught in elementary school, and peanut M&Ms are one of the 5 basic food groups. 

As Chief Technology Officer with more than 20 years of innovative IT experience, he has organized and delivered award-winning solutions for U.S. and international government clients. His work covers a broad spectrum of solutions from multi-modal biometric border crossing systems to nationwide multi-agency federal identity management solutions. 

When he's not translating and designing complex systems to help his clients meet their mission, you can typically find him circling the capital beltway as a taxi for his kids, exploring the world of blogging and podcasting, or frantically searching for another cup of coffee. 

His genuine passion for the art of technology and the power of innovation empowers clients to explore possibilities, drive opportunity, and deliver with distinction. 


For two years in a row, Inc. Media has named Dignari on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

This esteemed award is testament to the hard work and dedication our team applies to making each and every client successful in the delivery of their mission critical programs. The hard work of our team ranked Dignari among the top companies that provide services to government clients in the nation.

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Contract Number GS-35F-584GA

Contract Number GS-35F-584GA

Dignari is a Woman Owned Small Business.  Clients can reach us directly through a Women Owned Small Business set aside or our prime contract on GSA IT Schedule 70.  If those aren't options for you, Dignari is also partnered with large and small businesses on prime contracts such as DHS Eagle II and GSA Oasis.