Program Strategy and Advisory Services

  • Transform client visions into executable strategies
  • Create organizational plans to align with mission objectives
  • Provide strategic acquisition planning and full acquisition life cycle support services
  • Assess program and project health and implement improvement plans

Service Design.png

Digital Product and Service Design

  • Discovery research and analysis with end users
  • User interface design for responsive web and mobile applications
  • Design education and workshop facilitation
  • End-to-end product and service design, from insight to implementation


Identity Management and Biometrics

  • Biometrics, credential, and identification technology subject matter experts
  • Provide implementation guidance for all biometric modalities
  • Construct sound system design based on best practices from enterprise implementations
  • Provide system integration and field deployment support
  • Logical and physical access control integration

Data Analytics.png

Data and Analytics

  • Data Architecture: Models, policies, standards and data design
  • Data Engineering: Gathering, processing, preparing and serving data
  • Data Science: Interrogation, mining, statistics and insights
  • Data Visualization: Storytelling, polishing and communicating data

Emerging Technology Integration

  • Technology Assessments, State of Market Analysis and Prototyping as a Service
  • Full stack development using modern technical architectures and frameworks such as serverless, microservices, containerization, cloud, mobility, CI/CD, AI, deep learning/computer vision, IoT and Blockchain