Giving Thanks

We all have work and life to balance, and when we're working hard to achieve a goal it's easy to overlook the sacrifices our teams make to get the job done.  What better time than now to reach out and give thanks for the hard work and dedication.

As you prepare for a little R&R, eating, drinking and sharing time with family and friends, take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of your team over the past year and give recognition where recognition is due.  

A big part of job satisfaction is knowing that those you support value your contributions. Craft a message that lets your teams know you appreciate their work.  Identify some of the big successes, and also talk about upcoming challenges and what you'll need the team to be focused on in the near future.  Now is not the time to call out individuals specifically - it's about the collective work of the team.

Lets face it - you are probably as anxious to get out the door as everyone else and likely have a lot more on your plate to wrap up.  Do not underestimate the impact giving thanks will have in reinforcing the team's commitment to your collective mission.